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Idea: how to protect your money from the coming obama inflation-grab

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Inflation Survival Secrets

How To
Protect Your Money
From the Coming Obama Inflation-Grab!

Irresponsible politicians and crazy government spending are destroying
the U.S. dollar.

Your life savings are about to be wiped out.

You must take wise action now to protect yourself and your family.

My private research report will show you exactly what to do!

From: A Concerned U.S. Citizen

Date: August 1, 2011

To: Those Who Have Eyes to See


Would you put your money into a bank where the president was a thief?

Where your hard-earned $1,000 placed in a safe-deposit box
"mysteriously" became $800, then $600, then $400--and finally
disappeared altogether?

Of course you wouldn't! You're too smart for that!

But what if you were tricked?

What if you were forced by the government to bank your money where a
"secret thief" could sneak in every night?

This "secret thief" would start by stealing a little of your money,
then a little more, then more and more as he became increasingly
bold--and you became increasingly broke!

Before too long, your savings would be reduced to almost
nothing--leaving you too poor to pay your mortgage, buy a car, or send
your kids to school.

Ridiculous? Tell that to the "secret thief"!
Friends, there really is such a "secret thief." He's name is
Double-Digit Inflation. And he's been enlisted by the Obama government
to grab your money, starting right now!

But Don't Despair

My private research will show you how to protect your money from the
coming Obama inflation-grab.

You see, I'm one of those very rare birds in American education--a
conservative college professor. I teach Critical Thinking at a
well-known school in Los Angeles, California. (I'm choosing to remain
anonymous here, for reasons you can probably guess. But you can call
me "Patrick Harris.")

From the very start of the 2008 election, my fellow liberal professors
HATED George Bush and LOVED Barack Obama. One day I pulled into the
faculty parking lot and realized I was driving the only car WITHOUT one
of those psychedelic "HOPE" bumper stickers.

But hope is one thing and FACTS are another.

If "Critical Thinking" means anything, it means looking at the facts
and thinking for yourself.

And when I started to think about what Barack Obama was doing to the
American economy, I got very scared.

Government Spending Is Out-of-Control

Obama says he inherited the current financial mess from Bush.
But the truth is, his crazy government spending is driving the country
toward bankruptcy.
inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge Just look at these huge deficit

Obama's 2009 budget shortfall will be larger than all budget deficits
from 2002 through 2007 combined.

And that's just his first year, folks.

Even liberal National Public Radio reports there will be at least $9.3
trillion in new deficits in the next ten years.^2
And here's why all of that overspending is a direct threat to your

The Harsh Truth Behind the Exploding National Debt

When President Obama was elected to office in Jan., 2009, the national
debt totaled $10.6 trillion.

By the end of his first term, the national debt is projected to be
approximately $17 trillion.

By the end of his second term it will soar to a whopping $24 trillion.

Obama wants to borrow almost $80,000 for each U.S. household -- on top
of what the government already owes.^3
In a very few years, we will have reached the point where the interest
on the national debt will be the largest part of the federal
budget--larger than Medicare, larger than Social Security, larger than
defense. ^4

When that point comes, kiss the American dollar goodbye.

Because the end of all that overspending will be devastating inflation.

The middle class of America will, once-again, take it on the chin.

Why Obama Must Destroy the U.S. Dollar

Obama's binge of over-spending will burden the U.S. with huge amounts
of debt.

There are only three possible ways for Obama to pay it:

1) He can tax you.

2) He can borrow money from other countries.

3) He can call in the "secret thief" of inflation and let it do his
dirty work.


1) Obama can't tax you enough! To close the current deficit, he'd have
to tax top earners over 90% of their income--and future deficits are
only going up.^5

2) Other countries see what is happening and don't want to lend to the
U.S. anymore.

"Massive purchases of dollar debt by foreigners can, of course, delay
the crises, but today most countries have their own deficits to
finance," states Allan Meltzer, professor of political economy at
Carnegie Mellon University. "It is unwise to expect them, mainly
China, to continue financing up to half of [our deficit] for the next
10 or more years." ^6

That leaves Obama just one deadly option:

3) Employ the secret thief of inflation.

After all, if you just print more and more money, it will be worth less
and less.

Then you can pay off your trillion dollar debts with worthless paper

Just as Germany did in 1923.

A Lesson from History

inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge In 1923, Germany was a
democratic republic.

It had piled on lots of debt after World War I -- and bickering,
ineffective politicians couldn't get the ballooning national deficits
under control.

Result: runaway inflation.

By 1923, the government was printing notes of (ready?) 100,000,000,000
Mark. ^7

And that wouldn't buy you a loaf of bread.

The majority of middle- and lower-class Germans suffered the total loss
of their savings.^8 ^9

Goodbye German Republic, hello Hitler.
And because U.S. is heading down the self-same path...

Conventional Financial Wisdom Is No Escape

When, with a sinking heart, I began to sense the enormity of the
problem Obama was getting the country into, I determined that I would
use whatever means necessary to protect my modest assets from the
coming government inflation grab.

My first step was researching what the economic and financial experts
had to say about protecting my wealth.

I was shocked. You see, most of these "experts" seemed to have
blinders on. The advice they dispensed, while well-meaning and even
"smart" in conventional terms, would clearly be totally useless in an
environment where taxes were skyrocketing and the dollar plummeting in

Payroll savings, tax-deferred IRAs, stock market investing--all great
ideas when the economy is functioning normally, but all totally useless
when the debt tsunami sweeps in to destroy the middle class.

It angered me that people were wasting their time and money on these
"expert" strategies in the vain hope that someday the economy will go
back to the way it was before. The cold truth is that... It Won't.


inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge There Is Some Good

Inflation is coming. But my research reveals secret strategies that
will let you keep your money.

After exploring all the useless conventional wisdom for protecting my
money from the coming Obama inflation grab, I went back to the library
to do some more research.

This time I looked for the secret strategies that billionaire
financiers like Warren Buffet and George Soros used to protect their
A few of these ideas--like investing in gold and silver--might seem
fairly obvious. But the devil is in the details, and...

A Lot of What I Found Absolutely Astounded Me

For instance...

As I learned, I began to diversify and started sharing my ideas with a
few of my closest friends.

I started closing down my investment accounts, and using the money to
buy gold and foreign currencies. Pretty soon I was investigating
inflation adjusted bonds, and finding ways to shelter my assets in
tangible assets like copper and aluminum.

Meanwhile, the cost of gold was soaring while Congress dithered over
how to spend even more money it didn't have. The unemployment rate
reached 9, then 10%. (And if you count people who have given up
looking for work, the true unemployment rate is closer to 17%.)

It wasn't long before my friends asked me to share with them some of
the secrets I had found for protecting their money.

They didn't have to ask twice. I was so angry at the direction the
country was taking that I started writing notes on all the different
strategies I had found for holding onto--or even building--wealth
during the coming fiscal crisis.

My friends tried some of the strategies I offered, gave me feedback,
and pretty soon my notes had evolved into a private research report jam
packed with information citizens need to shelter their assets in the
coming hard times.

Because if you think it's bad now, you haven't seen anything yet.

Sad but true... But you don't need to be a victim. You need to have
the information that will let you make the correct financial decisions
to hold onto your money.

A Solution for You...

inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge

How to Protect Your Money from the Coming Obama Inflation Grab is my
new private research report detailing the strategies I personally
follow to secure my future against the ticking time-bomb of
government-driven inflation.

It contains every single piece of information I discovered in the past
year, laid out in a clear and detailed, point-by-point format to enable
you to make the decisions you need to make right now to save your
hard-won assets..

There's nothing but fact-based, proven strategies that I personally use
to insulate my wealth from the governments bad decisions.


Here Are Just a Few Things You Will Learn
* Strategy #2: How and why to buy silver--and how to keep it out of
government hands.
* Strategy #4: The reason your IRA may not be safe.
* Strategy #7: The warning signs of an imminent currency collapse.
* Strategy # 11: Tangibles to keep at home.
* Strategy # 14: Why gold isn't always the best investment (but why
to buy some anyway).
* Strategy # 20: How to hold real estate to protect your equity.
* Strategy #22: What coins to have on hand.
* Strategy #23: Three ways to invest in oil.

* Much, much more...


What's It Worth for You to Have a Comprehensive Strategy to Protect and
Grow Your Money During the Coming Dollar Meltdown?

Think about it... Massive debt + unsustainable taxes = dollar inflation
as "normal" government policy.

However, if you can see it coming, you can do something about it.

With the right information, I was able to take my hard-won assets and
position them out of reach of the coming super-inflation... Wouldn't
you like to do the same?

I've done all the hard work for you by spending months researching and
testing all the secret financial instruments and inflation-busting
strategies and recording everything in my easy-to-understand private
research report that will serve as a blueprint for you to follow!

If you like doing library research, you might be able to find some of
these tips and tricks on your own, but add up the time you would spend
(as well as the money you will have to pony up for various how to books
and investment courses) and I think you'll agree it's easier and faster
to take advantage of the work I've already done.

Plus don't forget, time is ticking. Gold has already gone over $1,100
$1,200 $1,300 $1,400 an ounce and a currency collapse could happen

You must be prepared to act now, immediately.

If you don't, you will be kicking yourself in the *#%)$$ when your
credit card interest rates shoot up sky high, your retirement money
won't pay the mortgage, and the ATMs are shut down due to a "bank

What's it worth to be able to hold on to the money you've earned and
keep it out of the hands of an out-of-control government?

(Of course, your liberal friends will laugh at your preparations, but
you'll be having the last laugh when Obama finishes wiping out their
life's savings with his one-two punch of high taxation and
money-stealing inflation.)

I could easily sell this information for well over $500 considering the
many financial gurus who offer seminars and courses for thousands of


Here's More of What You Get in
How to Protect Your Money
from the Coming Obama Inflation Grab
* Strategy #25: Should you invest in foreign currencies?
* Strategy #26: Why you need to have that surgery right now.
* Strategy #29: The lesson of the Russian grandmothers.
* Strategy #31: How to make money grow on trees.
* Strategy #37: Why Treasury Inflation Protected Securities are a
government fraud.
* Strategy #39: What to do if you're paid in dollars.

* Strategy #41: Who should move to the country.
* Strategy #43: How to prepare for a bond market crash
* And much more.


Broke? Unemployed? I Feel Your Pain!

Like a certain womanizing president, I feel your pain. Really. Over
the years, I've been broke, unemployed or half-employed more times than
I can remember. And I know what the Obama economy is doing to
people. My own brother is about to lose his business.

Nonetheless, for this month only, I've decided to experiment with
making a special edition of my report available--on the honor
system--for only $39.

You can understand that, as a writer and creator, I've been leery about
creating a digital edition of my private research report because of
widespread fraud and abuse on the Internet.

Once I put my hard-gained ideas out there in cyberspace, there's really
no practical way to keep my report from being illegally copied and

However, if you promise not to distribute my copyrighted report
illegally and to use it only for your personal and family protection,
you can have a PDF version of my report delivered instantly online so
you can get start protecting your wealth immediately!

This is the same edition I sell for $99 in a printed, spiral-bound
format. The only difference is you have to print it out yourself.

More Secrets You'll Discover in This Special Report

* Strategy #46: Why the Consumer Price Index understates inflation.
* Strategy #56: A clause that every small businessperson needs to
put in their contracts.
* Strategy #65: Why to avoid U.S. Treasury bonds and what to buy
* Strategy #69: How to outwit the credit card companies.
* Strategy #71: Investing in mined riches
* Strategy #79: How to invest in Canadian Royalty Trusts.
* Strategy #82: Why "proven reserve" figures are unreliable.
* Strategy #85: How to sleep at night whatever happens to the
* And many more strategies to keep you afloat during today's Obama

"Great Guide for Scary Times"

inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge Hi Patrick,
Remember how I emailed you saying I was a little skeptical about
whether I should buy your report?

You were right. I had no idea how much damage Obama was doing to our
economy and what deep trouble U.S. finances were in. The picture of
the Zimbabwe kid carrying all that money just to buy groceries is

Using what I learned in your report, I immediately moved part of my IRA
to an overseas bond fund that's already up over 15%

Thanks for your hard work. Your information is really valuable!
Peter Lems

Yes. For the Month of August, You Can Now Learn Dozens of Ways to
Preserve and Secure Your Money From the Coming Super-Inflation--for
Just $39.


As a Limited Time Experiment, You Can Get My Private Research Report, How to
Protect Your Money from the Coming Obama Inflation Grab, For Only...

[DEL: $99 :DEL] $39!

That's An Instant Savings Of $60!

Click Here to Take Advantage of This Special Price Now!

Not a Misprint... It's Going to Cost Just $39


As I said earlier, I can't stand to see what Obama is doing to this
country. I want to help the little guy like you outwit the Washington
foxes and hold on to the full value of your savings.
I know I could charge you hundreds for this information but I've been
in your shoes. So--on the honor system--I'm experimenting with a PDF
edition of How to Protect Your Money from the Coming Obama Inflation

There's more...

Now I know you're still maybe thinking that you can't risk $39 to give
this a go... I understand 100%. There's so much garbage on the web and
so many people out there who are clueless about what's about to happen
that I have problems trusting people.

This is why I've decided to take all the risk away from you and
guarantee your satisfaction with my...

inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge
"Whoever Misses Your Report Will Be Very Sorry"

inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge Patrick,

Sure, you can use my email as an endorsement of your inflation secrets

As I said, ever since the dollar started plummeting against the Yen (I
do a lot of business with Japan), I've been very worried about the
direction of the U.S. economy.

No doubt about it, we are in for some hard times.

However, I feel a lot better now that I've started a few of your
inflation-proofing strategies. My gold ETFs have made huge gains and
before I read your report I didn't understand about how (or why!) to
invest in timber.

I feel sorry for the people who have put their trust in Obama and who
now about to discover they've been [word omitted].

Whoever misses your report will be very sorry by this time next year.

Vince Contadino

Count Me In! Click Here to Get This Offer!

Now there's nothing to lose but you have everything to gain by
downloading this jam packed e-book today.
I'm giving you everything you need to protect your money from the
coming dollar decline. I'm also taking all the risk and am
guaranteeing that you'll find scores of valuable strategies in my
private research report.

You Clearly Only have 2 Choices...

1) Take the chance to educate yourself by ordering a copy of How to
Protect Your Money from the Coming Obama Inflation Grab and start
planning now for your future security.

Download My Private Research Report Now!


2) Pass up this opportunity to educate yourself only to regret it
forever. I'm experimenting with selling this information in e-book
form and can't guarantee that this offer will last before I go back to
selling only hard-copy versions of my report.

If you are even slightly worried about the future of the dollar under
President Barack Obama, the choice should be easy.

Now if you 'Want in' on these secret inflation-busting strategies then
just place you order below and you'll get instant access within a few
minutes of ordering.



[_] YES, Count me in! For only $39 with absolutely no risk, I am ready
to learn the secret strategies you uncover that will help shield my
money from the rapidly approaching destruction of the U.S. dollar.

I understand your special, private report will contain the following:

Part I: How to Prepare for the Coming Inflation: Detailed, step-by-step
strategies for shielding, and even growing, your wealth when dollars
are dropping in value.

Part II: Beating the Banks at Their Own Game: Secret techniques and
methods to use the credit and banking system to your own advantage!

Part III: How to Diversify Out of Dollars: 19 ways to minimize your
exposure to dollars so you can keep more of the money you earn.

Part IV: Preparing for the Worst: Maybe it can't happen in America, but
if it does, here's how to prepare. What to do to protect your family
in a total financial melt down.

Part V: How to Sleep at Night: How to position yourself now to make
money even in a currency crisis: 10 things you should know to thrive
and prosper no matter what happens.

[_] I understand that the special discounted rate of $39 is a limited
time experiment. I agree "on the honor system" not to redistribute the
copyrighted work to anyone and to use the strategies contained in the
eBook for my personal benefit only.

[_] I also understand that my order is 100% risk free within 60 days
with 100% money back guarantee

"If Every American Knew This Information, They'd Sleep a Lot Easier at
inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge

How to Protect Your Money Against the Coming Obama Inflation Grab is
like the dollar inflation bible.

I've seen some of this information here and there, but never so many
useful strategies gathered together in one place.

Patrick, it's sad to see what's happening to our country, but we've got
to do what we can to take care of ourselves on an individual level.
Eventually, financial sanity will return.

Meanwhile, I've put into use of at least six of your strategies already
and am looking into ways to add copper and petroleum to my portfolio.

If every American knew this information, they'd sleep a lot easier at
night. No doubt about it.

-Timothy V.

inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge

Buy Now-

Pay with PayPal- Pay by credit card-

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a
minute), you will be given instructions on how to download your eBook
of How to Protect Your Money from the Coming Obama Inflation Grab.

With sincere good wishes,

Patrick Harris
College Professor and Author of
How to Protect Your Money from the Coming Obama Inflation Grab

PS. You're getting all the information you need to protect and grow
your money during the coming Obama-induced super-inflation... Using
just a few of the strategies I describe can save you thousands of
dollars in the coming few years. Download How to Protect Your Money
from the Coming Obama Inflation Grab Now!

PPS. Don't forget when you download your eBook today, there's nothing
to lose as I'm taking all the risk with my personal 100% money back

PPPS. We sell our products through ClickBank, a trusted online retailer
specializing in digitally delivered products that uses the strongest
security and anti-fraud features available in the world. In addition to
this, they never store any of your financial data in their system. If
you have any questions about the safety of the ordering process, visit
ClickBank's website for details: clickbank

PPPPS. Also... if you have any questions about anything, you can always
contact me directly.
"Eye Opening"

inflation hedging hyperinflation hedge

Wow! I was in despair over the direction this country was heading in
and felt helpless about what I could do to PROTECT myself.

I found every single strategy in the book incredibly useful. You
really break things down step by step and explain everything in an easy
to understand way.

I already saved twenty times the purchase price just by changing up
some stocks as you suggested.
Erik Northcutt
Carlsbad, NM


Bloggers and Webmasters: Reprint Permission Granted
Help get out the word. You are invited to reprint any of the
information you've read here in your publication or website. The only
requirement is the inclusion of the following byline...
"Information from How to Protect Your Money from the Coming Obama
Inflation Grab. If you want valuable tips on inflation hedge
strategies, visit InflationSurvivalSecrets."


Just so you can check my facts, here are a few sources I used for the
facts on this web page:
1) Office of Management and Budget, Congressional Budget Office chart,
cited in "Projected Deficit," WashingtonPost
32100104.html (March, 2009).
2) Andrea Seabrook, "Deficit Will Hit $1.845 Trillion This Year,
Agency Says," NPR
1 (March, 2009).
3) Brian M. Riedl, "New Budget Estimates Show Unsustainable Spending
and Debt," Heritage
heritage/Research/Budget/wm2595.cfm (25 Aug. 2009).
4) J.C. Adamson, "Frequently Asked Questions About the National
Debt," GreatReality, greatreality/DebtFAQ.htm
5) William Ahern, "Can Income Tax Hikes Close the Deficit?"
taxfoundation/publications/show/25415.html (22 Oct.
6) Allan Meltzer, "Preventing the Next Financial Crisis," Wall Street
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7) Hans F. Sennholz, "Hyperinflation in Germany, 1914-1923," Ludwig
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8) "Hyperinflation and Weimar Germany," historylearningsite.co.uk,
9) "Inflation in the Weimar Republic," Wikipedia (artwork by
Greensburger, July 2009, based on numbers in Table IV (page 441) of The
Economics of Inflation by Costantino Bresciani-Turroni, published
1937). en.wikipedia/wiki/Inflation_in_the_Weimar_Republic
(5 Feb. 2010).

(click here to return to where you were reading)

Learn How to Hedge for Inflation Now

2010 Copyright Inflation Survival Secrets. All Rights Reserved. Your
privacy is protected; we never sell your name to outside parties.
Testimonials are meant to be suggestive only. Clickbank is a
registered trademark of Keynectics. Inc., a Delaware corporation.

End of Abstract

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